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First Snow discounted passes:

  • If the START AND END DATES of your pass fall between 26th November to 16th December 2016

Spring Snow discounted passes:

  • If the START AND END DATES of your pass fall between 8th April to 1st May 2017

How to book:

  • Simply fill in the form and we will book the correct pass for the qualifying dates


First Snow discounted passes:

First Snow Lift Pass Prices 2016-2017

High season prices:

High Season Lift Pass Prices 2018-19

Spring Snow discounted passes:

Spring Snow Lift Pass Prices 2016-2017

How to book:

Simply fill in the form and we will book the correct pass for the qualifying dates



Cham Le Pass is the cheapest pass and is focused on only skiing in locations within the Chamonix Valley.

It gives access to the ski areas within:

  • Chamonix Valley
  • Brevent
  • Flegere (Brevent and Flegere are linked)
  • Les Grands Montets
  • Domaine du Balme (La Tour/ Vallorcine)

For beginners it includes:

  • All beginner slopes at the above ski areas
  • All the beginner slopes in town (Les Planards, Savoy, Les Chosalets & La Vormaine)

There is plenty of skiing on this pass to cover a week’s holiday, and there is easy access to the many off-piste areas at the sides of the pistes for those who want a bit of off-piste experience without having to go back-country.


Mont Blanc Unlimited pass covers everything you can do in Chamonix in terms of skiing, off piste and sightseeing and offers other possibilities beyond Chamonix.

It includes:

  • The off-piste lift at the top of Les Grands Montets
  • All ski areas mentioned in the Cham Le Pass (above)
  • The Montenvers Train (scenic visit to the glacier)
  • Entry to the Ice Cave (go inside the glacier)
  • The Aiguille du Midi lift (scenic views of Mont Blanc & access to Vallee Blanche)
  • Les Houches ski area (accessible by bus)
  • Courmayeur ski area (Italy – accessible by bus)
  • Megeve ski area (France, available on passes of 3 or more days)
  • Verbier ski areas (Switzerland, accessible by car only, available on passes of 6 or more days)
  • Free use of the municipal pool, ice rink, and museums and one trip on the winter luge at Les Planards.


Choose the Cham Le Pass if:

  • You are on a short break and only have time to ski Chamonix ski areas
  • You only wish to ski in Chamonix and do not wish to visit ski areas further afield
  • You only wish to ski and do not wish to go sightseeing
  • You do not wish to do the Vallee Blanche or use any specific off piste lifts
  • If you want the cheapest pass option

Choose the Mont Blanc Unlimited pass if:

  • You wish to have the best possible choice of all the activities to do in Chamonix
  • You have non-skiers or beginners in the group who wish to take a day or two to sight see
  • You plan to take a day off skiing and want to sight see as the Aiguille du Midi lift and Montenvers train are included
  • You wish to visit additional ski areas outside the Chamonix valley; as Les Houches, Courmayeur and Megeve ski areas are included on passes of 3 days or more, and Verbier is included if you have a pass of 6 days or longer
  • You are a skilled skiier and wish to do the Valley Blanche or other guided or non-guided off piste routes
  • You wish to have unlimited free use of the municipal swimming pool, ice rink and museums


Ski-Bus Service

All ski passes include use of all the ski-buses in town. Please note:

  • It covers the areas within the Chamonix Valley only
  • Stops are made in town and at the ski areas
  • Bus times vary but generally run every 15-30 min depending on peak hours and time of season
  • Buses run from 7am in the morning until 7pm in the evening

Ski Area Parking

There is parking available at all the ski areas. 3 of the 4 areas offer free parking. Brevent is a pay and display car park costing approx EUR 6 per day.

Public Transport to Les Houches, Courmeyeur, Verbier

  • Buses for Les Houches go from Chamonix Sud bus station and are included in the price of your ski pass
  • Bus to Courmayeur goes from the Chamonix Sud bus station. This should be booked in advance by going to the bus station or by booking online on the SAT website The bus is approx €15 per person. A bus leaves at approx. 08:30 in the morning (check the latest timetable) and two return in the late afternoon, so places are limited. You would expect to be on the slopes about 45 minutes after getting on the bus.
  • Bus to Verbier goes every Thursday and can be booked in advance by going to the bus station or online. You could also access Verbier by shared or private transfer shuttle (see Airport Transfer page).

Driving to Courmayeur & Verbier

Courmayeur: 30-45 minutes trip. Tip: If you have bought the MBU pass you can benefit from getting a reduced price tunnel pass from the Montenvers Train Station ticket office the day before or morning of travel. Don’t forget to bring your passport.

Verbier: 1h-1h20 trip. Tip: The Col du Montets may be closed due to heavy snow, so best to check before you leave. Don’t forget to bring your passport.


Due to the world famous off piste terrain, it’s probably not a surprise that Chamonix has had a bit of a reputation for being a resort for the advanced skier, however this is not the full picture of Chamonix, and the resort has plenty to suit all levels of ability, from beginners and families to the most gnarliest of powder hunters.

The Chamonix valley is made up of 4 main ski areas.

These are located between 5 min and 25 minutes drive from town and are best accessed by the ski buses which are included in your ski passes. There is also plenty of parking available if you wish to drive. Brevent is in Chamonix and could be walked from some areas of the town centre. Brevent is also linked by a ski lift to the next ski area of Flegere. Further up the valley you will find Les Grands Montets which is situated in the village of Argentiere about 10 min drive from town, and finally Le Tour which is also known as Domaine de Balme and includes the small village of Vallorcine which is best accessed by skiing from Le Tour.


  • Closest to Town Centre, 5 min on bus
  • Mixed terrain but mainly intermediate to advanced
  • Linked to Flegere ski area


  • 6 minutes drive from Chamonix
  • Mixed terrain, good for beginners, intermediates and expert
  • Lots of good off-piste off the Floria lift


  • Best for intermediate to expert
  • Excellent off-piste areas, such as Lavancher bowl
  • Located in Argentiere town, 12 min drive from Chamonix


  • Excellent for beginners and intermediates
  • Fantastic family area
  • 20 minutes from Chamonix


This area is located in Chamonix town, it is walkable from the town centre but up a very steep hill so you might want to just catch one of the many buses going there instead. It is a good area for low intermediates, intermediates and advanced skiers.

It is linked to Flegere which is the next ski area in Praz village, giving a lot of terrain for those who like to ski for miles.

There is an excellent black run there called the Charles Bozon which is definitely worth a visit if you are a good skier. There is also a restaurant with excellent views up that same lift, however for those who want to enjoy the view without having to ski down a black run, you can catch the lift both up and down.

This area does also from time to time host an air bag (free) if you want to practice jumps, and a border cross route


One of our favourite places in Chamonix, south facing and glorious on sunny mountain days. A great area for beginners with a lovely long green run and numerous blues and reds. Flegere caters for all ski abilities as there is also a well known black run accessing excellent off-piste, called the Floria.

Lots of ledges and edges make it a good area for snowboarders and jibbers, and you can often especially in spring see talented youngsters doing all manner of tricks off the piste there.

La Chavanne restaurant is worth a visit for ambience. Enjoy a drink while soaking up the afternoon sun with simply the best views of the Mont Blanc Massif.


This is where the serious skiers go to! The top lift accesses a very long unpisted black run which is a heaven for powder in good snow conditions. Be aware that this ski area is also glaciated.

In the main ski area there are a couple of long reds which if you team with the nicely undulating home run, gives you a very long and steep descent. There is a black which leads to the Lavancher bowl, which is excellent for off-piste skiing.

The Grands Montets also hosts the jump park which has rails, jumps and bumps for all abilities.

Towards the bottom of the home run you will see a small sign on your right hand side for the Cremerie, this is definitely worth a visit for its delicious local fare of croutes and fondu!


The family area of Chamonix, sunny and south facing.

An excellent beginner area at the bottom before you go up the main lift, has both green and a blue. Plenty blues and reds to practice on when you go up the lift to the main ski area.

It has recently been extended to the other side of the mountain, so you can now take the cable car from Vallorcine. This side offers great tree-lined routes, ideal on lower visibility days.

One of our favourite restaurants (don’t tell everyone!) is the bistro Le Café Comptoir behind the train station in Vallorcine. Be sure to book in the height of the season.

This is the area furthest from Chamonix, about 20 min drive.


We are here to answer any questions you may have about your stay in Chamonix, just click the button below and we will reply promptly.