Every year we find ourselves looking at what’s new to the market in terms of ski and snowboarding gear.
Is there anything out there this year that is going to revolutionise my ski day? And most importantly; is it worth dropping 1000 Euro on it?!
We can safely say that there certainly isn’t anything hitting the high streets that you haven’t seen before. In fact, some if it is winging it way back straight from the 80’s!

Slopes or Surf

Confused because your new board looks like it was born in the 80’s? Well don’t fret because it’s going to be an absolute corker in the powder.1hovercraft-34da8
Designers are simply kicking themselves that these beautiful boards were left at home to be treated as relics; when in fact, they ride better in powder than a lot of the more modern boards produced by the likes of Rome and other mass producers.
This year you will struggle to find a snowboard brand that hasn’t produced a swallowtail board for winter 2016/17.







The Lightest Boots Yetproduct1_640x640_1

Hawx Ultra Boot Series is the lightest alpine boot Atomic have ever created! Weighing about 25% less than any other boot they have produced, designers have outdone themselves to ensure you feel like you feel like you’re walking on air rather than lugging great big boats around on your feet.
The boot features Memory Fit so that the shell, the cuff and liner can all be customise fitted to your fit… what a dream!






Skinny Skis Rule

Fat skis have ngear-patrol-faction-skis-650ow had their heyday and skinny skis are back to rule again. Companies across the board are in the process of bringing the waists down to an average of around 88 – 92 mm compared to last year, where some skis hit a massive 120 mm under foot!
Manufacturers have cottoned onto the fact that thanks to Europe’s current unreliable snowpacks, we’re more inclined to stick to high-performance carving skis rather than splashing out on a set of fat ones we only get to use twice a season!
Candide 2.0 from Faction are a nice little set with a respectable 102 mm waist and rocker in both tail and tip.







Written by Rachael.

Rachael has been a part of the SnoStation team for just under a year but has been lucky enough to have been living in Chamonix for over 4 years. A keen triathlete she knows all the best cycle routes in the valley and if you ask her nicely enough she might just share some of them with you!