Chamonix has plenty of good eats but we have got one more to add and it should go straight to the top of your list.

Cool Cats is not your traditional Haute Savoie restaurant. There is no tartiflette on the menu and no fondue, however, you couldn’t get more local than this if you tried.

Lisa and Ilia have created a brand-new concept that has been inspired by their love for great, flavoursome street food and homemade products.

These artisanal hot dogs are made by local butches using spices that can be found right here in our gardens and forests and they are served up in great fresh bread which is delivered every morning from a carefully chosen baker.

Fuelled with a passion for keeping food as it should be, this pair concentrate on sourcing locally produced food, keeping everything, right down to the fruit puree in the delicious prosecco bellini cocktails, homemade. No artificial products. No processed sugars.

Amazingly, local produce doesn’t mean it must cost the world. Wanting to keep “food accessible to everyone, while also being tasty, healthy and packed full of flavours” this dynamic duo and their lovable dog Rocky are totally taking the town by storm.

This beautiful family of foodies dream is to open two more Cool Cats restaurants in the Chamonix Valley. Their mission to increase demand for locally produced food, and motivate other restaurants alike to purchase locally raised meat.

All in all, a mission worth supporting!

Written by Rachael.

Rachael has been a part of the SnoStation team for just under a year but has been lucky enough to have been living in Chamonix for over 4 years. A keen triathlete she knows all the best cycle routes in the valley and if you ask her nicely enough she might just share some of them with you!